Senno Gait
AI-based portable Gait Analysis System
High accuracy from deep-learning algorithms
Smart diagnosis based on big data models
Analyst Portal
Administrator Portal
iphone App
ipad App
Smaller and Smarter
Based on deep learning algorithms, the device size is largely reduced.
Big data produce complete data model system, making the system smarter.
Big data based AI
Our data center contains millions of small sensor data units, covering
all kinds of human types. And based on our AI systems, solutions become
Artificial Intelligence
Million class medical data
Portable terminal devices
With million class medical data,
solutions are accurate, smart and personalized.
Super mini terminal devices makes
it easier to wear and fit in life scenarios.
Gait Research Institute
The largest platform of Chinese gait experts.
Who we are
We are the largest platform of Chinese gait experts.
Why we do this
Gait, posture and other sub health features are very important as they reflects the basic conditions of human body. With Sennotech techniques, it becomes easier to acquire these data for further use. So AI based sub health monitoring is a new and revolutionary direction, and is very promising in both research and commercial areas,
What we can do
We are dedicated in sub health research and provide all researchers and scholars a platform to communicate.