Sennotech Co. Ltd. is a high-tech company. It develops AI systems specifically for human data, including health and behavior. The team has worked on the interdiscipline of informatics and medicine for decades, with achievements on sensing science, dynamic gait analysis, computer vision, big data, etc. The technique is revolutionary for fields including medicine, sports, security, and other promising areas.

Sennotech is sponsored by Oriental Fortune Capital, Lenovo, Zhuoshi Capital, etc. And Sennotech is the Mobile medical professional committee of Chinese research hospital association. Located in Nan Shan district, Sennotech also owns a research lab in New York. Founders are from Peking University, Zhejiang University, UCLA, and other colleges with degrees on computer science, informatics, health, medicine, etc.
Recent honors:
· Intel "outsmart future" innovation competition fourth place
· Guangdong "zhongchuang cup" innovation competition
· Excellent works award of the rehabilitation competition
· Shenzhen nanshan entrepreneurial star runner-up
Sennotech has published more than 100 SCI/EI papers and owns a number of international patents. Based on researches of years, Sennotech has productized many human-body data analyzing AI systems, which have be applied in medicine, sports, security, and other promising areas.
Sennotech finished ten million level pre-a round financing
It was announced Sennotech has finished ten million level pre-a round financing for human data AI analyzing. The sponsors include Zhuoshi, Tianchuang, ZYZONE, etc.
"AI cloud + Smart Insole" Sennotech makes large-sized gait device small
Wearable device applications have been tested for a long time. But what would be a killer app be? Qin Li, CEO of Sennotech, has stated his viewpoint.